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  1. Classic Tobacco Flavour Cartridge Refills

    Classic Tobacco

    Our Classic Tobacco flavour infuses notes of Brazilian, Indian and Virginia tobaccos. A medium-bodied, smoky flavour with an oaky and...

    Tobacco Gold Flavour Cartridge Refills

    Tobacco Gold

    A smooth yet full-bodied flavour inspired by rich American tobaccos. Enjoy a choice tobacco blend with sweet, smoky and buttery notes.

    Crown Menthol Flavour Cartridge Refills

    Crown Menthol

    Experience a refreshing burst of icy mint with subtle vanilla and tobacco hints. This minty delight will leave your palette feeling...

    Crown Tobacco Flavour Cartridge Refills

    Crown Tobacco

    A luxurious flavour inspired by the finest tobaccos with undertones of delicious mocha. Rich and earthy with a hint of roasted coffee.

    Crown Vanilla Flavour Cartridge Refills

    Crown Vanilla

    One of the most luxurious flavours known to man, Crown Vanilla offers a decadent and creamy flavour that arouses your senses with each puff.

  2. Crown Cherry Flavour Cartridge Refills

    Crown Cherry

    Satisfy your sweet tooth. Crown Cherry gives you the experience of tart, mouth-watering nectar-like berry notes reminiscent of candied...

    Cinnamon Flavour Cartridge Refills


    Enjoy the exotic taste of freshly ground Sri Lankan Cinnamon. This warm, bittersweet flavour produces distinct billows of fragrant vapour...

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SKYCIG Electronic Cigarettes

We are a passionate, focussed organisation that takes pride in everything we do. With industry-leading e-cigarette technology and a firm commitment to providing the best possible customer service, SKYCIG is one of the most trusted electronic cigarette brands around the world.

SKYCIG are pioneers in the e-cigarette industry, bringing groundbreaking technology to the market and building a trusted brand with an immense community spirit. Our users provide valuable feedback, created an entire support community and help us to maintain an excellent electronic cigarette experience.

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SKYCIG Cartridge Refills

SKYCIG offers distinct, satisfying flavours, along with a patented e-cigarette design that produces a consistent vapour with every puff. Developed by our team of scientists, SKYCIG’s delicious e-cig flavour cartridge refills offer an identical sensation and nicotine delivery to tobacco smoke, whilst eliminating toxins like tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT.

All our e-cigarette flavours are available in three different strengths of nicotine: Bold (18mg), Regular (12mg) and Light (6mg), allowing you to choose your SKYCIG experience depending on your own needs. We offer a range of traditional tobacco flavoured e-cig cartrdges for an enjoyable, recognisable smoking experience, as well as wide range of non-tobacco flavoured cartridges for a tasty alternative.

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