About Skycig

About Us

We are a focused and passionate organisation that takes pride in everything we do. Industry leading technology combined with a firm commitment to providing the best possible customer service makes SKYCIG the electronic cigarette brand you can really trust.

Our Story

In the space of three years, SKYCIG has developed into the electronic cigarette market leader. As pioneers within the electronic cigarette industry, we are introducing groundbreaking technology to the masses and building a trusted brand which thrives upon community spirit. Our users are vocal - providing invaluable feedback to maintain an excellent e-cigarette experience. They are admirers of a product provided with consistency and quality in mind, and grateful for a device which is realistic in comparison to smoking, yet provides a healthier alternative.

Our Customer Service

Our Customer Service

We work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best electronic cigarette experience, delivering excellence with every interaction.

Our Customer Service base facilitates inbound and outbound calls, as well as e-mail support and live chat.

We also have an in-house product analyst to ensure product quality is of the highest standard every time.

Our Dedication

‘At SKYCIG, manufacturing efficiency and quality standards are driven higher every day. We are seeing new and improved technology being developed and introduced to the market on a monthly basis. By owning our own manufacturing facilities, we are able to lead the industry with new technologies and facilitation of the product-to-market process. We also have a close relationship with the National Measurement Office (NMO) which is vitally important in an industry where there is a lot of disconnect between competitors and government bodies. SKYCIG are all about e-cigarettes - our dedication to the UK e-cigarette market is unparalleled.’

Our Mission Statement

Constant focus on innovation to create simple, attractive products and provide the most realistic smoking experience possible.

Live and deliver service excellence with every interaction, constantly developing cutting-edge methods of simplifying and improving the way we serve our world.

Create and maintain SKYCIG brand consistency, trust and loyalty in the marketplace, separating SKYCIG from the competition.

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We believe our electronic cigarettes provide a viable, realistic alternative to tobacco, and so do over 200,000 other people who already use SKYCIG.

If you're interested in going smoke free why not see how SKYCIG can help you?

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