Simon takes on Stoptober

This is Simon. Simon lives in Portsmouth and has decided that, after smoking 10 cigarettes a day for a decade, he’d join the thousands of people up and down the UK taking up the Stoptober challenge to stay smoke-free for the month.

Simon has cast aside cigarettes for the next 30 days and will be keeping us updated on his progress via his video diary.

He’ll be checking in with us regularly throughout the month so keep an eye on this page for his latest entries. Alternatively, join us on Facebook (Like us!) and Twitter (Follow us!) and we’ll let you know when the most recent installment is here.

So without further a-do …

The final day – 28th October 2013

Day 22 – 22nd October 2013

Day 14 – 14th October 2013

Day 7 – 7th October 2013

Day 1 – 1st October 2013


Views expressed within Simon’s blog are his own and do not reflect those of SKYCIG

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As a Social Media Co-ordinator and Marketing Assistant, Jen is focused on creating the best SKYCIG experience for each and every one of our customers. Her areas include social media, content & customer communications, and her guest blog will aim to give tips and advice as well as discussing the latest e-cig news and SKYCIG innovations.

One thought on “Simon takes on Stoptober

  1. David Bryant

    If you are a smoker I would recommend you give it up completely. I smoked 30 a day for 45 years and I stopped in January this year by using sky cig. I still miss having a fag but I feel better in myself and have got rid of the smell of cigarettes in my home.No more coughing and wheezing and my wallet is happy too. You won’t regret it! Give it up!!


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