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One of the primary advantages of using electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes is the cost savings. The prices of e-cigarettes vary brand-to-brand, just as traditional cigarettes, but generally the costs of e-cigarettes are lower overall than tobacco cigarettes. There are a number of ways to save money by switching to e-cigs – including multi-buy discounts, loyalty rewards, promotions and special offers – depending on the programs and promotions of each e-cigarette brand.

Cost of Tobacco Cigarettes vs. SKYCIG Electronic Cigarettes

The following is meant to give a rough estimation of average smoking and electronic cigarette usage costs. For a more accurate estimation of cost savings based on your brand and cigarette usage, please use our savings calculator, which can be found on the left hand side of this page.

Tobacco Cigarettes SKYCIG Electronic Cigarettes

Average cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the UK:


(Based on 25 top-selling brands as published on in March 2013.)

Cost per SKYCIG Refill Cartridge:

£8.95 ÷ 5 = £1.79

(Based on 5 SKYCIG Refill Cartridges per pack, with maximum multi-buy discount.)

Average number of cigarettes consumed per day by smokers in the UK:


(Based on survey published July 2012.)

Single cigarette equivalency per SKYCIG Refill Cartridge:

Approximately 30 cigarettes on average

(According to manufacturer-tested specifications based on factory "puff test" results.)

Average cost per cigarette:

£7.28 ÷ 20 cigarettes = £0.364

Single cigarette equivalency cost of SKYCIG Cartridge:

£1.79 ÷ 30 = £0.0597

Average number of cigarettes consumed per month:

(365 days ÷ 12 months = 30.416 days/month):

13 cigarettes × 30.416 days = 395.41 cigarettes

Average monthly cost of cigarettes:

395.41 cigarettes × £0.364 =
£143.93 1

Average monthly cost of SKYCIG:

395.41 cigarettes × £0.0596 =
£23.59 2

Average annual cost of smoking cigarettes:

£143.93 × 12 months = £1727.15 1

Average annual cost of SKYCIG (After first year) 3:

£23.57 × 12 months = £283.11 2

1This figure represents an average only and does not include taxes or incidental cigarette smoking costs like lighters, ash trays, possible fines for smoking in prohibited areas, etc.
2This figure represents an average only and does not include taxes or incidental SKYCIG usage costs like extra batteries, travel cases, spare chargers, etc.
3The cost of SKYCIG kits & refills is slightly higher in the first year to account for the purchase of your kit; the additional cost depends on how many sample cartridges are included in your kit, which reduces the amount of cartridges needed in this calculation.

Using the figures shown above, you can see that switching to SKYCIG can be more than 82% less expensive than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

SKYCIG also offers loyal customers savings in several different ways, which would further reduce this annual cost.

SKYCIG Cost-Savings Programs

  • SKYCIG regularly sends out promotional discount codes for those who “Like” the SKYCIG Facebook page and "Follow" us on Twitter, as well as those on the SKYCIG mailing list.
  • SKYCIG offers a multi-buy discount on Cartridge Refills to all customers, every time you purchase. This multi-buy discount means that if you buy Cartridge Refills in bulk, you can maximise your savings. Multi-buy discounts are automatically applied when you add any two or more Cartridge Refill sleeves to your basket.
  • The SKYCIG Rewards program allows customers to earn "Crown Points" on our website. These Crown Points can then be used as currency to spend on any online order at the rate of 10 points for £0.01. You can earn Crown Points in the following ways:
    • Earn Crown Points for every purchase you make on our website. Each product has its own "Crown Points Value", listed next to its price on our website.
    • Earn 500 Crown Points by referring your friends to SKYCIG. Your points will be credited to you when your friends make their first purchase with SKYCIG.

The SKYCIG Savings Calculator Formula

The Savings Calculator featured on this page and others throughout our site is intended to provide a quick estimation of the amount of money a smoker can save if he or she switched to SKYCIG electronic cigarettes. Since the amount of money spent on SKYCIG each year depends on how much one smokes, we use a formula with a set ratio based on the calculations explained in the above table. The only variables involved in this calculation are the figures you enter: the price of a pack of 20 cigarettes and the amount of cigarettes smoked per day/month/year. For the purposes of the above table, we have used current UK averages. By entering your own numbers, we can provide you a more accurate estimation of the price difference between smoking cigarettes and using SKYCIG e-cigarettes.

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