E-Cigarettes vs. Tobacco Cigarettes

Wondering how your cigs will compare to the electronic variety? This page outlines how the two products compare overall in several key areas: cost, convenience, odour, experience, harmful effects and second-hand smoke.


Tobacco cigarettes are expensive, plain and simple. This expense puts tobacco cigs at a severe disadvantage when compared to e-cigarettes, as customers who make the switch typically see significant savings. While the cost of both tobacco and electronic cigarettes varies by brand, SKYCIG can save the average customer up to 82%. See our Cost Savings page for a more detailed explanation of this estimation, and use our Savings Calculator to more accurately determine how much money you can save each year by making the switch.

Money Savings Advantages of E-cigarettes

Within weeks of switching, e-cig users see a noticeable amount of extra money they can put towards other things – like a holiday each year, a new car, or a dinner out each week. Here are a few excerpts of real, unsolicited testimonials from SKYCIG users about the cost saving advantages of switching to e-cigarettes:

Susan Lees

“I started using SKYCIG in August of 2012. I had just retired from work and really could not justify the cost of smoking anymore. I knew I had to stop for health reasons too. I can honestly say I have never looked back, not even been tempted to buy cigarettes again.” – Susan Lees

Elaina Turner

“My partner and I were both heavy smokers. […] Neither of us have had a cigarette for 14 weeks with the help of SKYCIG. […] Our health has improved dramatically along with our savings! […] Thank you!!!” – Elaina Turner

Alex Edwards

“22 years of age and have been smoking for 5 years. I was spending 80-100quid every 2weeks (sic) on cigarettes. […] I did try a rival electric cigarette brand [before] I decided to go with Skycig. They are also even cheaper then (sic) the other brand! I'm now saving 60-80 quid a fortnight! […] Thanks Skycig!” – Alex Edwards


With the ban on cigarette smoking instituted across the UK in July 2007, smokers have been essentially segregated from public spaces in order to smoke. Whether standing out in the cold, or having to wait long periods (such as when on an aeroplane) in order to satiate their cravings, smoking tobacco cigarettes can often become a serious inconvenience. On the other end of the spectrum, users of electronic cigarettes are able to use the product anywhere, anytime, providing a much more convenient and accessible means to satisfy their nicotine cravings.

Why E-Cigarettes Can Be Used Anywhere

Electronic cigarette users can ignore ‘no smoking’ signs as they don’t apply to smokeless cigs. Because e-cigs don’t burn tobacco, they are not covered under the UK ban on cigarette smoking. E-cigarettes produce no residual odour and no harmful smoke, so they can be used even in the most enclosed spaces without harming others. For more details on why e-cigarettes can be used anywhere, see our Smoke Anywhere page.

Purchase E-Cigarettes Almost Anywhere

Like other brands, SKYCIG e-cigs are offered at many stockists across the UK. Use our Stockist Locator to find one near you. With the introduction of SKYCIG One disposable e-cigs, you can simply buy and enjoy your electric cigarette any time, any place – no need for a battery charger.

Changing The Smoking Lifestyle

Former smokers and users of SKYCIG electronic cigarettes often find their lives transformed by the ability to satisfy their nicotine cravings anytime, anywhere. Here are a few excerpts of real, unsolicited testimonials from SKYCIG users about the convenience of switching to e-cigarettes:

Graham Elliott

“[…] I have tried a few other e-cigarettes but I did not find one that I liked and having seen SKYCIG online and read all the reviews I decided to take the plunge and ordered my starter kit. […] It now means I have the freedom to puff away wherever I want and never have to run out of battery power. […]” – Graham Elliott

Ness Williams

“I have been absolutely thrilled with SKYCIG, […] and have now been free of 'stinky fags' for a total of six months now, much to my families (sic) delight. […] I often find myself laughing at those people who still insist on standing outside, in all weathers, to have a puff on their 'death stick', while I'm indoors keeping warm using my blue batteried (sic) SKYCIG! […]” – Ness Williams

Scott Austin

“How easy, simplistic & healthy - compared to the alternative that is! […] This is just like smoking but more enjoyable and allows you the freedom anywhere - although common sense must prevail and I select where I use it as perception/courtesy is possibly the biggest consideration. […]” – Scott Austin


The Disadvantages of Tobacco Smoke Smell

One of the most common things smokers note as a drawback of tobacco cigarettes is the overpowering smell. As smokers are acutely aware, the odour of cigarette smoke quickly overpowers a room, and leaves a pungent lasting scent in the car, on your hair, skin, clothes, and on any other fabrics exposed to direct smoke. Often, smokers become stigmatized by society, even when they are not smoking, simply because they smell of cigarettes. An academic paper by the University of Singapore published by SAGE Publications noted this phenomenon and also “…demonstrate[d] how these unflattering sensory impressions can have implications for the segregation of smokers in public spaces.” There have also been several American studies done, including a 1997 study by NFO Research, that have all found that the odour of smoke can actually impede job promotions and even new job prospects. According to NFO Research study, this is because “Most Americans […] See Success (and Failure) in Smells.”

The Odourless Advantage of Electronic Cigarettes

Most electric cigarettes, including all SKYCIG products, are completely odourless. What does this mean for you? You can enjoy SKYCIG electronic cigarettes without worrying about smelling badly for hours afterwards. You can use electric cigarettes without staining your teeth, making your clothes smells like an ashtray, or offending those around you. When you exhale an e-cigarette, the only thing you’re breathing out is completely odourless water vapour. Here are a few excerpts of real, unsolicited testimonials from SKYCIG customers who have noticed this particular benefit of electronic cigs:

Martin Hetherington

“[S]ince the birth of my child I was desperate to sort my health out and kick the habit. Skycig is perfect […] its (sic) great to know that when I handle my daughter she is not smelling smoke…” - Martin Hetherington

Mark Fitzgibbon

“This product [SKYCIG electronic cigarettes] has saved my marriage and my relationship with my son. So easy to use, so well made and no smell!!!! "You don't stink anymore Daddy" was what my son said to me before he gave me my first hug in ages :)... and my wife is a lot happier too.” – Mark Fitzgibbon

Claire Gehlig

The best part is there is no smell on my clothes. My biggest weakness, when it came to smoking, was smoking in the car on long journeys or stuck in traffic. This past week has been great, no smell in the car and I can keep the window up!” – Claire Gehlig


One of the most common reasons people give for not trying electronic cigarettes sooner is that they’re concerned the sensation of smoking will not be the same as their favourite cigs. While this concern is completely understandable (previous devices such as nicotine inhalers were largely dismissed as they did not provide a comparable sensation of cigarette smoking – see our Product Innovation page for more information), it is usually quickly dispelled once users try SKYCIG products. If you are concerned about how the electronic cigarette experience compares to your favourite tobacco cigarettes, simply give it a try. With the SKYCIG 30-Day Money Back Promise, it’s risk free. SKYCIG e-cigs simulate the authentic tobacco cigarette experience surprisingly well, and many people have credited this as helping to ease or eliminate their addiction to cigarettes. Our customers are often also pleased that SKYCIG e-cigarettes are available in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours, meaning their e-cigarette experience may just be even better than smoking tobacco.

Gordon Smethurst

“Thought I'd give these a try without much hope of success. Couldn't have been more wrong ! What a superb product, no cravings for a ciggie. After two weeks my sense of smell and taste have come back to a level I didn't think possible and of course I can use these whilst at work without anyone moaning. Great product great results!” – Gordon Smethurst

Elaina Turner

“[…] The range and diversity of SKYCIG flavours makes an exciting change to ordinary cigarettes and we look forward to what SKYCIG will offer us in the future. Thank you!!!” – Elaina Turner

Harmful Effects

Health Detriments of Tobacco Smoking

When you inhale a tobacco cigarette, you're breathing into your lungs thousands of known chemicals that can cause health problems. Scientists have identified roughly 4 thousand different substances in tobacco smoke, most of which are toxic and harmful to your health, and over 70 known to cause cancer. In the long term, these toxins cause severe health conditions and all too often, death. Unfortunately, this has been the price many people are forced to pay to enjoy their cigarettes. According to Cancer Research UK, smoking is the single biggest cause of cancer in the world, and causes even more deaths from other respiratory diseases and heart conditions than from cancer. They estimate that half of current smokers will be killed by their habit if they continue, with 25-40% of smokers dying in middle age. According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, tobacco smoking is currently responsible for approximately 30% of all cancer deaths in developed countries, and if present smoking rates continue, tobacco will kill roughly 1 billion worldwide people this century.

The Health Advantage of E-Cigarettes

With electronic cigarettes, you get the exact same enjoyable smoking experience, but without most of the harmful chemicals in tobacco. In fact, a recent research paper by the international peer-reviewed journal Tobacco Control found, “The levels of the [electronic cigarette] toxicants were 9–450 times lower than in cigarette smoke and were, in many cases, comparable with trace amounts found in the reference product [- a medicinal nicotine inhaler].” Researchers concluded, “[S]ubstituting tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes may substantially reduce exposure to selected tobacco-specific toxicants. E-cigarettes as a harm reduction strategy among smokers unwilling to quit, warrants further study.” As with tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs also contain nicotine – but with a selection of different strengths and the ability to have only a few puffs at a time without feeling inclined to finish an entire cigarette, they can help you to limit the amount of nicotine you receive when you smoke.

Comparing the Health Effects of Tobacco Cigs Vs. E-Cigs

“People smoke for nicotine but they die from the tar.” – Professor Michael Russell (1976).
A recent ASH Briefing agrees with Professor Russell, stating, “[T]he harm from smoking is caused almost exclusively by toxins present in tobacco released through combustion. By contrast, pure nicotine products, although addictive, are considerably less harmful. Electronic cigarettes consequently represent a safer alternative to cigarettes for smokers who are unable or unwilling to stop using nicotine.” An Italian study that examined e-cigarettes as a smoking reduction and cessation device proved that any side effects from e-cigarettes were minor, especially in contrast to the side effects of smoking: “The use of [an] e-Cigarette substantially decreased cigarette consumption without causing significant side effects in smokers not intending to quit […]”.

Second-Hand Smoke

While there is now a ban on smoking cigarettes in all public spaces in the UK, there is no such ban on private spaces. Unfortunately this means many of a smoker’s loved ones, including children, are regularly breathing in second-hand smoke – which is known to be just as detrimental to health than directly inhaled smoke.

Dangers of Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke

An ASH research report asserts second-hand smoke consists mainly of sidestream smoke (the smoke emitted from the tip of the cigarette as it burns), which is about four times more toxic than mainstream smoke (the smoke inhaled by the smoker). Cancer Research UK affirms this, saying, “[S]everal studies have shown that breathing in other people’s [tobacco] smoke causes cancer in non-smokers. Second-hand smoke contains several cancer causing chemicals […] present in higher concentrations than in the smoke inhaled by [smokers] themselves.” It goes on to reference a study that estimates second-hand smoking will kill over 11 thousand people in the UK each year. The organisation continues: “Second-hand smoke is particularly dangerous for children” adding, “Over forty percent of children in the UK live in a household where at least one person smokes.” The article also references a study conducted by the Royal College of Physicians that found approximately 17 thousand children are admitted to hospital each year in the UK, due to illnesses caused by second-hand smoke.

Does E-Cigarette Vapour Present a Risk to Non-Users?

Although e-cigarettes do not release smoke, users exhale a vapour consisting mainly of water and propylene glycol. But according to the January 2013 ASH Briefing, “Any health risks of second-hand exposure to propylene glycol vapour are likely to be limited to irritation of the throat.” A well-known study that exposed animals to propylene glycol for upwards of a year at very high doses found that, “extensive histological study of the lungs was made to ascertain whether the glycol had produced any generalized or local irritation. None was found. The kidneys, liver, spleen and bone marrow also were normal [compared with animals who were not exposed].” Additionally, a study conducted by Informa Healthcare found “No Significant Risk” of harm to human health for vapour samples from e-liquids [present in e-cigarettes], while the tobacco smoke presented “Significant Risk” of harm to human health. In a cancer risk analysis within the same study, no vapour sample from e-liquids exceeded the risk limit for either children or adults. It concluded, “[E]lectronic cigarettes produce very small exposures relative to tobacco cigarettes. The study indicates no apparent risk to human health from e-cigarette emissions based on the compounds analy[s]ed.”

The Advantage of E-Cigarettes in Avoiding Second-Hand Exposure

According to Action on Smoking and Health “the absence of risk from “secondhand” (sic) inhalation of vapour from e-cigarettes has been described as an “often unconsidered advantage” of e-cigarettes. As an alternative to smoking, e-cigarettes are preferable in situations where secondhand (sic) smoke poses serious health risks to others, such as in vehicles or in the home.”

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