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At SKYCIG we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We are pleased to be offering a product that is actually changing people's lives and welcome and love the customer testimonials that we receive daily. If you have comments and success stories to share please leave us your SKYCIG electronic cigarette review below.

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Robert Hall
I am in my 25th month of using SKYCIG having bought 40 cigarettes on the 12th November 2011, I then came across Skycig in the Gyle shopping centre in Edinburgh, I used 20 cigarettes to stop fully which took me to the 3rd December 2011.Since then I have not been tempted to light up. The first time I walked into my mum's house, which was about a week later on my dads birthday. I can still picture my mum's face, when I put the SKYCIG in my mouth, I walk away when ever I see somebody light a cig or stand next to me.
Larry, Norwich
I was getting tired of paying more and more for a packet of cigarettes and tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking. My friend showed me a SKYCIG and let me try it and it really opened my eyes. I can't even tell the difference between the SKYCIG and regular cigarettes. The new mint and menthol flavours are terrific and I saved enough money in the last 6 months to go on a much needed holiday. Thank you SKYCIG! Your product is amazing!
Jon Davidman
I have had a great start with the SKYCIG product. I placed an order last Friday and got it Monday. The support team has helped me get "vaping" as I had some questions. I found that the vaporiser took a couple days to break in and loosen up. Since then, its been smooth sailing. I have only smoked a few tobacco cigarettes in 4 days, so here's to quitting!
donna crabtree
After an unfortunately long wait due to very high demand my SKYCIG finally arrived 2 days ago... now I'm 45 years old been smoking since I was 14 yrs old so that's a while. I usually smoke about 30 cigs a day and about 40 a day on Tuesdays when I write the weekly pub quiz.. So yep - that's a lot of smokes... Well I got my SKYCIG on monday and happy to report not even 1 cigarette that day... Tues, ok quiz writing day - normally 40 cigs or more... I had just 3 the whole day and night to say I'm impressed is an understatement.. You can ask my boss - I seriously cannot go for longer than an hour without a smoke break.. She's a smoker too so is sympathetic to my plight... I think it is realistic to expect to smoke a real cig about every 4 to 5 hours (if you're a heavy smoker) as you start adjusting to the ecig.... but I think, with just a little effort, anyone (including me!!) could give up the real cigs with the aid of this ecig.... It's a little heavy when you first pick it up but by the end of day 1 you no longer notice that and it feels quite normal...It's a good size - almost exact to real cig, looks real enough and satisfies all needs, including the nicotine craving and hand to mouth habit... Great after dinner and with coffee ... would HIGHLY recommend... and although I experienced a long wait for delivery.. I was treated considerately and extremely promptly by customer services - no complaints at all. GREAT product and definitely worth the wait ....THANK YOU SKYCIG !!!!!
Ricky and Colin
I was originally smoking over 20 cigarettes a day and now I smoke only the SKYCIG. Brilliant product and great customer service. During your recent high demand, I recommended a friend who did not receive his order on time. However the customer service given was fantastic and we highly recommend SKYCIG to everyone!!
William Hueston
I had a problem with an item with a SKYCIG charge pack and there were no questions from them. No fuss, no worry ! Just fill return form, pop it in post and, by return, a new item with extras! Much respect. Thanks SKYCIG - great product service!
Excellent support team. The SKYCIG is amazing. The presentation and quality of the product is amazing. No more real cigs for me. In just a week after receiving my kit I am telling all my friends. SKYCIG, "you rock." Many thanks, Angie.
Have had SKYCIG ecig for 3 weeks. I cut right down on my cigarette intake... and made a commitment to pack up totally with the real cigs, and just use the e-cigs. Today is my 3rd day... and still no ciggies for me...just the e-cig!! When I get the craving... I just puff away on the e-cig. Admittedly, I'm puffing on it almost non stop... but I don't care... its far less harmful than the real ones. I never thought I'd pack up...ever!!! But this is really really helping. So pleased I took the plunge to try it.
Rob C
It's rare to find a product that's been so well designed and thought through. Well done!
I received my ecig yesterday.... and have found it absolutely amazing. I have tried countless times to pack up smoking... being a 30 - 35 cigarettes a day girl...for over 30 years... its not easy... and I have failed miserably so many times, I refused to try again....UNTIL.. the e-cig was introduced to me by a friend... I bought one immediately.... well, I could at least give it a go... I couldnt believe that from the second it arrived yesterday, I did not smoke or crave a cigarette all day, and only smoked the e-cig... This morning, I got up to the e-cig..but did need just a little puff of a normal ciggie to wake me as usual...but I only smoked half of it... and then e-cig rest of day. Anytime I've fancied a ciggie...I've used the e-cig... I cannot believe how realistic it is - and physcologically I am smoking without the harmful cancer threats. I am confident that eventually I will give up the morning half a cigarette... and am positive that the ecig that I bought from SKYCIG will help me to become the non-smoker I have wanted to become for many years. Really really impressed and would definitely recommend. Also, I shopped around, and found that this was the best bargain.... 2 batteries (which on one very well known site sells auto batteries for £17 each!!) 2 vaporisers, 2 chargers, a cigrette packet to hold them in, which also charges your batteries, and a travel box - plus 15 cartridges... for such a nominal amount of money... I couldn't get this offer anywhere else on the internet... and am thrilled that I took the plunge. Also, customer service fabulous...I emailed them to day because I had a small problem with one of the vaporisers, and they contacted me by return immediately, to give me advice, and if this didn't work, then they would exchange it for me, no quibbles... but it did work... I am very contented and pleased that I purchased the Freedom kit from SKYCIG.
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