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At SKYCIG we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We are pleased to be offering a product that is actually changing people's lives and welcome and love the customer testimonials that we receive daily. If you have comments and success stories to share please leave us your SKYCIG electronic cigarette review below.

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Adrian Collie
Having smoked for over 25 years I have found my habit increasing recently and much as I would like to just quit, I know thats really hard to do, so I bought the starter kit in the hope that I could cut back on the "real" cigarettes - and it really works! I have gone from smoking an average of 10 to 12 a day "real" cigarettes down to an average of 3 or 4, with the SkyCig giving me that occasional boost when I need it during the day, plus I even smoke those for shorter times than I would normally. Really glad I got this kit and my next target is to cut out the "real" cigarettes totally.
Mark Hunter
30 years smoking those coffin nails..couldnt stop. I've stopped now overnight thanks to the skycig. probably saved my life and countless others. MY KIDS SAY THANKYOU!
Well what can I say...I love this product, I had never seen anything like it before until a friend brought one into work, I tried it and I had to get it! I have been smoking now for half my life 10-20 a day, I have had my SKYCIG now for 4 days and I have not even thought about a normal fag. Me and my friend have been having a bet of how many places we can completely fool with these, I am on 5 at the moment including a supermarket to which I got told off by an old man for being young and having no personal favourite was in a big chain pub, we got apologies from the manager and a free round of drinks, THANKS SKYCIG!!!
Thomas Myers
Been Smoking Skycig for 5 weeks now and havn't had a drag on one real cigerette after a 10 year habit, would totally recommend. Also begun to get my sense of smell and taste back. Great Product
I got my skycig starter pack last week and the most i have smoked is 3-4 a day and that is from 40 a day, thanks SKYCIG.
Norma McCarthy
I've been smoking for 40 years at 20 a day and have obviously tried various methods to give up without sucess, until I came across SKYCIG. What a fantastic invention! Thanks to you I haven't bought a packet of cigarettes since August 2011!
Kaaron Fullwood
Not had one real cig since last Sunday when I started using the SKYCIG. They are truly amazing now I have ordered a starter kit for my 19 year old daughter too. I smoked 20-30 a day for 30 years and tried everything to stop. You have nothing to lose with SKYCIG's money back guarantee!!
Louise Cave
Really cool electric cigs. Satisfy the craving like no other subsitutes. A proper nicotine delivery product and you can do all your posey tab stuff. Very happy.
sally owen
I was rather dubious about purchasing SkyCig, however, after reading the testimonials of other satisfied users decided to take a leap of faith. All I can say is thank you very much SkyCig, I made the best decision of my life and you make the best product. Since using SkyCig I neither think about or even want a real cigarette. Thank you once again from a very satisfied customer.
sharon jones
Fantastic product tried everything on the market to stop smoking, tried e-lights first but they were too big and bulky, came across skycig when i received a promotional email and thought id give them a try. Still early days but not had a *real* cig in 3 weeks, and i dont miss em either!!!!
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