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At SKYCIG we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We are pleased to be offering a product that is actually changing people's lives and welcome and love the customer testimonials that we receive daily. If you have comments and success stories to share please leave us your SKYCIG electronic cigarette review below.

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Tana Cooper
I've been a 20 a day smoker for 20 years. I have tried everything to stop smoking. I had a cough every morning, and repeated bouts of bronchitis. A frend gave me a SKYCIG last week. I have not smoked a normal cigarette since. Not one. I am still getting the nicotine, so no cravings, but without the tar and god knows what else that they put in cigarettes. I will never smoke a "normal" cigarette again. This has changed my life, and will probably save my life too. Please please try them.
I just got back from London and realized you guys only sell to the UK - what a bummer! My friends all smoke these things and I was using them my whole trip. Can you make a special case to ship me a kit in the US :)
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