How It Works

SKYCIG electronic cigarette offer the perfect alternative to traditional tobacco. SKYCIG delivers nicotine in a safe and effective way; allowing you to enjoy all the things you like about smoking, whilst getting rid of all the nasties.

SKYCIG Kits are designed with our customers in mind. We believe in creating simple, easy to use products that deliver results. That's why we're confident that you'll find SKYCIG to be the convenient, reliable and enjoyable choice

SKYCIG Freedom

SKYCIG Freedom is ideal for those who are always on the go. Our unique Charging Case allows you to get on with your day with the comfort and convenience of knowing that your SKYCIG is always on hand.


The perfect introduction to the world of electronic cigarettes. This sleek and stylish package contains everything you need to get started with SKYCIG including: a USB stick charger, a battery and three delectable cartridge refills.

How An E-Cig Works

How An E-Cig Works

As you take a draw on a SKYCIG, a motion sensor within the battery detects the air flow and activates the vapouriser inside the cartridge refill. At the same time, as the liquid heats it mixes with the air to create vapour. This vapour when inhaled, delivers a measured dose of nicotine in the same way as a cigarette does.

The Perfect Draw

  1. Point the SKYCIG at a slightly downward angle.
  2. Prime the battery with a couple short puffs before inhaling.
  3. Progress into long, light draws. Allow vapour to gradually fill your mouth before you inhale.

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Top Charging Tips

  1. When charging the Freedom Charging Case, remember to remove any batteries from the case before plugging in the case.
  2. Always allow the battery or case to completely drain before beginning charging.
  3. Always ensure that charging is complete before you disconnect the case or battery.
  4. Do not leave a case or battery charging for long periods of time. Disconnect as soon as you notice that charging has completed.
  5. To store your spare battery in the charging slot whilst on the move, simply lift the battery slightly once charging is complete to disconnect it from the case.

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