Kits vs. Disposables

Kits vs. Disposables

One of the most common questions those who are new to e-cigarettes have is “Which is better: Kits or Disposables?” We thought we’d shed some light on this aspect of e-cigs so all the facts are available up front.

Choosing Between Disposables and Re-Chargeable Electronic Cigarettes

The main thing to think about when choosing between an e-cigarette kit and disposables is what's more important to you: value or convenience. Kits, or re-chargeable e-cigs, offer amazing cost savings and versatility. Single-use, or disposable ecigs, are a quick and easy option that you don't have to worry about and require a much smaller initial investment. SKYCIG’s Start Pack aims to bring together the distinct advantages of both of these products.


On average, smokers can save anywhere between 53% and 82% by switching from cigarettes to SKYCIG e-cigs, but the amount saved varies between SKYCIG e-cig kits and SKYCIG One disposable e-cigs. Here’s how:

Cost Comparison of E-Cigarette Kits vs. Disposable E-Cigs

Tobacco Cigarettes SKYCIG Kits & Refills SKYCIG One Disposables

Average cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the UK:


(Based on 25 top-selling brands as published on in March 2013.)

Cost per SKYCIG Refill Cartridge:

£8.95 ÷ 5 = £1.79

(Based on 5 SKYCIG Refill Cartridges per pack, with maximum multi-buy discount.)

Cost of a single SKYCIG One:


(Based on Recommended Retail Price)

Average number of cigarettes consumed per day by smokers in the UK:


(Based on survey published July 2012.)

Single cigarette equivalency per SKYCIG Refill Cartridge:

Approximately 30 cigarettes on average

(According to manufacturer-tested specifications based on factory "puff test" results.)

Single cigarette equivalency per SKYCIG One:

Approximately 40 cigarettes on average

(According to manufacturer-tested specifications based on factory "puff test" results.)

Average cost per cigarette:

£7.28 ÷ 20 cigarettes = £0.364

Single cigarette equivalency cost of SKYCIG Cartridge:

£1.79 ÷ 30 = £0.0597

Single cigarette equivalency cost of SKYCIG One:

£6.75 ÷ 40 = £0.16875

Average number of cigarettes consumed per month:
(365 days ÷ 12 months = 30.416 days/month):

13 cigarettes × 30.416 days = 395.41 cigarettes

Average monthly cost of cigarettes:

395.41 cigarettes × £0.364 =
£143.93 1

Average monthly cost of SKYCIG kits & refills:

395.41 cigarettes × £0.0596 =
£23.59 2

Average monthly cost of SKYCIG One:

395.41 cigarettes × £0.16875 =
£66.73 4

Average annual cost of smoking cigarettes:

£143.93 × 12 months = £1727.15 1

Average annual cost of SKYCIG kits & refills (After first year) 3 :

£23.57 × 12 months = £283.11 2

Average annual cost of SKYCIG One:

£66.73 × 12 months = £800.76 4

Cost Comparison Overview

SKYCIG Kits & Refills SKYCIG One Cigarettes
Per Year £283.11 2,3 £800.76 4 £1727.15 1
Per Month £23.59 2,3 £66.73 4 £143.93 1
Per Week £5.44 2,3 £15.40 4 £33.21 1
Per Day £0.76 2,3 £2.19 4 £4.73 1

1This figure represents an average only and does not include taxes or incidental cigarette smoking costs like lighters, ash trays, possible fines for smoking in prohibited areas, etc.
2This figure represents an average only and does not include taxes or incidental SKYCIG usage costs like extra batteries, travel cases, spare chargers, etc.
3The cost of SKYCIG kits & refills is slightly higher in the first year to account for the purchase of your kit; the additional cost depends on how many sample cartridges are included in your kit, which reduces the amount of cartridges needed in this calculation.
4This figure represents an average only and does not include taxes.

Advantages of E-Cigarette Kits

No matter which way you cut it, the cost of e-cigarette kits will always be lower than disposable e-cigs. This is because you pay for the convenience of a single-use product. While kits are a bit more of an investment up front, over the long term, they provide much better value. Here are some other advantages of electronic cigarette kits compared with disposables:

  • More versatile and allow for easy switching between cartridge flavours and strengths.
  • More environmentally friendly as the battery is rechargeable and there is less product packaging waste.
  • Kits allow you to carry multiple cartridges, accessories and batteries together, so you always have back-ups ready in one compact case.
  • SKYCIG Freedom Kit allows you to charge on the go, so you can always have one battery charging whilst the other is in use – a distinct advantage for those trying to reduce or eliminate smoking, as you don’t need to worry about finding a stockist to buy your next one if the battery runs out.
  • The battery and cartridge together (when fully assembled) is smaller than a disposable, meaning it more closely resembles a tobacco cigarette.
  • Available in a larger variety of flavours and nicotine strengths.

Advantages of Disposable E-Cigs

Single use or disposable e-cigarettes remain incredibly popular, as they are very easy to use and mimic tobacco cigs in the way they are bought and consumed. You simply buy, enjoy until finished, and then throw away. Here are some of the other advantages to using disposable e-cigs over kits:

  • Smaller package is easier to carry around.
  • Lasts longer than a standard battery and cartridge.
  • There’s no need to purchase or use chargers.
  • You can start using them immediately as they are found in many shops across the country.

Using Both a Kit and Disposables

Having both on hand and using a mix of the two products is an excellent way to let you to reap the benefits of both worlds, depending on your needs. Kits and disposables have different advantages in different situations; for example, you could use a kit at home or at work then use disposables on nights out, or during busy travel spells to avoid worrying about charging. Disposables are a quick pick up in shops or on the high street; just like cigarettes, you go into your local shop, grab a pack and you're ready to go. These are great for commuters and travellers who don't want hassle of charging. Kits are ideal for long-term users who prefer the additional cost savings.

Similarities Between Disposable and Re-Chargeable E-Cigarettes

Despite their differences in terms of advantages, as well as a few minor design differences, both disposable and re-chargeable e-cigs function in exactly the same way. Here’s a description of how both re-chargeable and disposable e-cigs work:

  • Top Section/Mouthpiece - Nicotine Cartridge with In-Built Vapouriser:
    The cartridge contains the “e-liquid” or nicotine solution. Within this liquid are nicotine, water, edible flavourings and a natural compound called Propylene Glycol (PG, commonly listed on foods as E number E1520) which makes the vapour appear like smoke. In the bottom of the cartridge is a mico-vapouriser. When a user takes a draw, the vapouriser heats the liquid and mixes it with air to make the flavoured vapour. This then passes through a channel in the centre of the cartridge and out through the mouthpiece.
  • Bottom Section/Tip: Battery:
    As a user takes a draw, a motion sensor within the battery detects the airflow and activates the vapouriser. Simultaneously, the LED at the end glows steadily as the user is drawing.

Differences Between SKYCIG Disposable and Re-Chargeable E-Cigarettes

Re-Chargeables - SKYCIG Start & SKYCIG Freedom:

  • Two piece design - battery and cartridge unscrew from each other.
  • Smaller battery for easy carrying.
  • Re-chargeable battery for multiple use.
  • Smaller cartridge refills for carrying in case or pack.
  • Available in a variety of nicotine strengths.

Disposables - SKYCIG One:

  • One piece design - does not unscrew.
  • Single use battery - does not recharge.
  • Larger battery that lasts longer for a single use.
  • Larger cartridge section with more liquid contained.
  • Only available in 18mg nicotine strength.
  • Available in limited flavours.

SKYCIG One Disposable E-Cigs

SKYCIG One disposables are available in our retail locations across the UK; use our stockist locator to find a shop selling SKYCIG One near you. We cannot guarantee that all stockists will carry SKYCIG One, so we recommend checking with the stockist to make sure they have them in stock before travelling to the shop. Details for what some of our stockists have available can be found by clicking on the pins on the map to display shop details. If information is available on which lines they stock, it will be available here.


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