SKYCIG for No Smoking Day 2013

We believe our electronic cigarettes provide a viable, realistic alternative to tobacco cigarettes. If going cold turkey isn't possible, but you still want to stop tobacco once and for all, making the switch to SKYCIG for No Smoking Day 2013 could be the option for you.

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SKYCIG - The Alternative to Smoking

SKYCIG - The Alternative to Smoking

With SKYCIG, you can satisfy your cravings without having to worry about any nasty odour, tar or ash. SKYCIG tobacco-free e-cigarettes can be used almost anywhere, any time. The perfect alternative, they look identical to traditional cigarettes, but cost up to 75% less. Additionally, they offer the same satisfying taste of smoking without the thousands of toxic chemicals.

With free shipping* and generous "No Questions Asked" refund policy, you can try SKYCIG 100% risk-free. Order your SKYCIG E-Cigarette Kit today.

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The Science of Addiction

The Science of Addiction

SKYCIG Supports National No Smoking Day 2013

To coincide with National No Smoking Day 2013, SKYCIG hosted a national survey with the help of leading behavioural psychologist, Jo Hemmings, which looks into why people initially choose to start smoking traditional cigarettes**.


National Health Channel

National Health Channel

SKYCIG & The National Health Channel

SKYCIG featured on the 'TOBACCO KILLS' GIVE IT UP!' documentary screened on the National Health Channel on the run up to National No Smoking Day. The feature takes a look inside SKYCIG HQ revealing how our company operates. This piece takes a closer look at some of our key departments including Product Analysis, Customer Services & Sales, showing how our dedicated in house team come together to make SKYCIG one of the leading UK electronic cigarette brands in the UK.


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Why e-cigarettes?

  • Up to 75% less expensive than smoking
  • No tar, no ash, no odour
  • Enjoy anywhere
  • Enjoy as part of a healthier lifestyle

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  • Voted UK's No.1 e-cigarette by
  • Industry leading technology
  • 30 day money back promise
  • Over 200,000 customers and counting
  • 24 hour friendly customer support

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